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Patent 360 LLC. is an Intellectual Property (IP) Consulting Firm. We provide a full range of integrated intellectual property services which includes patents, trademarks, designs and copyright across the globe. We are experts in acquiring, securing and registering IP rights and managing IP portfolios.

We have extensive portfolio of domestic and international clients that includes private individuals, multi-national corporations, universities, companies ranging from small start-up companies to large businesses across a broad spectrum of industries and market. We are dedicated to understand our clients’ objectives, business goals and advice on the right approach to achieve those objectives.

Our team has strong technical and legal expertise to analyze and rapidly understand complex technologies and to provide expert advice on your business requirements.

Intellectual Property Knowledge Center

Read articles about how to best protect your intellectual property rights. Become familiar with the ins and outs of intellectual property and get your invention or business up and running.

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$149 + $65

Temporary for 12 months, for a product or method and how it works, then decide to convert to a non-provisional utility patent app.



Apply to protect how your invention works and its components.
20 years of protection, if approved.



Apply to protect the exterior design and shape of your invention for 15 years. Does not protect how the invention works, just the shape.


Drafting and Filing

Our patent attorneys/Agents have experience of drafting strong and…

Patent Search Report
$199 – $249 – $299

Learn what already exists and invent around them to increase your own invention’s patentability.

Patent Analytics

At Patent 360 LLC., we perform prior art search for various requirements. Our technical…