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How Licensed Patent Practitioners In California Handle The USPTO Processes

Posted by Barry Choobin | Aug 26, 2020 | 0 Comments

Licensed patent practitioners in California offer comprehensive assistance in several forms throughout the USPTO filing process. Without the help of an experienced professional, the patent drafting, preparation, and filing process can be extremely challenging. With years of experience and certification from the United States Patent and Trademark Office, these registered professionals are excellent resources to obtain the intellectual property protection you need. Read on to learn about how a licensed patent practitioner in California can help with the USPTO filing process.

Patent Search

Registered CA patent practitioners can help you prepare expert search reports. Before you move on in the filing process, an expert patent search service in California is critical. Thorough searches scan issued patents and published applications, as well as anything that could potentially be considered an important prior art references. Simply, prior art refers to anything in the public domain, and could potentially be patented or not patented. Ultimately, this will determine whether an invention is novel or not. Working with a California patent practitioner, you can obtain a comprehensive search report encompassing issued in pending patents from the United States, Europe, and many international countries.

Patent Drafting

Working with a licensed patent practitioner in California, you can access comprehensive assistance throughout the USPTO drafting process. Simply, a patent draft is the core of your invention and outlines critical information concerning you and your product. Patent drafting is the process of preparing detailed applications outlining your specific invention description and claims. Preparing this drafted application is the first step of patenting your invention. To ensure absolute confidentiality of client disclosure, the best patent practitioners prepare these drafts enclose coordination with inventors from secure, controlled, and state-of-the-art environments. Hire a licensed California patent practitioner to prepare comprehensive drafts of your initial application.

Patent Filing

After drafting your initial application, USPTO licensed patent practitioners in Irvine or Southern California can help you file and submit your paperwork. For your patent to be granted, your application must be submitted with all the required parts needed to obtain a filing date. This requires all parts of your application to be filed together. Simultaneously, you must include your application number, filing date, and required fees. To ensure that these documents are properly prepared, work alongside an experienced California patent practitioner. With years of experience in IP protection, licensing, and strategic planning, licensed patent practitioners are central to help you file completed applications for your novel invention. Before you can receive your IP protection, look to experienced patent filing services in California to submit your initial application.

Expert Office Action Response

CA licensed patent practitioners are experts in preparing office action responses. Office actions are official letters sent from the USPTO. Within these documents, the patent office will list any legal problems with your patent, as well as the application itself. Traditionally, office actions raise a series of requirements and refusals. Requirements refer to simple revisions that must be made for your Patent to be granted. On the other hand, refusals often mean that your application will not be granted. To boost your likelihood of receiving a patent, you should work alongside a licensed practitioner. Experienced professionals are versed in responding to various objections, with a special focus on enablement, novelty, and obviousness. To prepare sophisticated responses, experience patent attorneys utilize arguments of the examiners, cited references, and specific details of your invention.

Patent Conversion

With the help of a licensed patent agent in California, you can easily convert your existing IP protection to meet your current needs. If you currently have a provisional application for your novel invention, remember that your patent pending status only lasts for 12 months. At the end of this year-long pendency, you must convert your provisional application to a non-provisional patent. A full non-provisional utility patent gives you intellectual property rights for 20 years of a utility invention, or 14 years for design inventions. With years of experience filing provisional, non-provisional, and design patents, California patent practitioners are an excellent resource to convert your existing applications.

California Patent practitioners Offer several services to help you with the USPTO process. first, experienced professionals can help you obtain a comprehensive patent search report. Once you have determined your invention to be novel and non-obvious, registered practitioners can help you prepare your initial application. After your initial application is prepared, licensed patent agents can then file your documents with the USPTO. Depending on responses from the patent office, California practitioners can help you additionally draft responses. Finally, these experienced professionals can help you convert your provisional applications into full non-provisional design patents. The points mentioned above outline how licensed patent practitioner in California can help with the USPTO process.

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