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Find The Best Registered Trademark And Patent Attorney Orange County CA

Posted by Barry Choobin | Dec 22, 2022 | 0 Comments

There are several important steps to find the best registered trademark and patent attorney Orange County CA. Located in Southern California, Orange County is a thriving hotspot for novel inventors. The pace of innovation only seems to be accelerating here. Every year, more copyrights, patents, trademarks, and intellectual property (IP) assets are granted to CA-based inventors and companies. In recent years, the USPTO has issued more patents here then next-door, neighboring regions – like Los Angeles County. Before filing, inventors like yourself need to find a licensed patent practitioner in California. Read on to find the best registered trademark and patent attorney Orange County CA.

Start At The United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO)

Start your search for the best trademark and patent attorney Orange County CA at the USPTO. To become a patent lawyer, attorneys must be rigorous education, training, and professional skill standards. They must graduate from a reputable, accredited university and law school. Plus, US patent lawyers need to pass a difficult full-day exam, which is administered by the national patent office. The USPTO maintains an active database of every registered, practicing attorney. Here, you can search available candidates by name, location, and law firm. Surely, look for well-reviewed patent and trademark attorneys Orange County CA who are registered with the USPTO.

Compare Drafting And Filing Costs

Next, determine how much your Orange County lawyer will charge in provisional, design, or utility patent filing fees. You should expect to pay for the consultation, drafting, filing, and prosecution services rendered. You'll be paying for professional legal expertise, process knowledge, and investigative know-how. Most patent attorneys charge an hourly fee. However, you should look for a top-rated lawyer that charges reasonable, predictable, and clear flat fees. This makes paying for patent prosecution services much more approachable and affordable. Indeed, compare drafting and filing fees to find the best, affordable patent agent Orange County California.

Work With A Former USPTO Examiner

When choosing a patent lawyer Orange County CA, look for someone that was a former USPTO examiner themselves. Non-provisional utility patents often get rejected on the first submission. To maximize your patent probability, work with a prior USPTO examiner. With their former experience, you can curtail your application in a way that maximizes your chances of approval. Plus, these expert attorneys are especially useful in responding to USPTO rejections. Certainly, hire a trademark and patent attorney Orange County CA with prior experience as a USPTO examiner.

Don't Worry About Physical Location

Throughout your search for the best patent lawyer Orange County CA, don't get deterred by physical location. Nowadays, most patent agents operating virtually online – so that they can service clients from anywhere in the United States. Plus, intellectual property law extends to federal boundaries. Meaning that you can technically work with IP filing experts located in any state. To keep communication strong, these online patent attorneys can schedule meetings via email, phone, or Zoom. You'll receive the same level of service, intellectual property quality, and patent protection – even without being in the same room. Absolutely, don't worry about physical location during your search for the best Orange County CA patent attorney.

Conduct A Preliminary Consultation

Once you've found a reputable trademark and patent lawyer Orange County CA that you can trust, it is time to conduct an introductory consultation. Treat this preliminary consultation like a formal meeting with a potential company partner or stakeholder. Come armed with several questions regarding their prior expertise, filing costs, as well as the length of the prosecution process. To support their expertise, ask for some references from former satisfied clients. Most importantly, you want to ensure there is a good fit between you and your potential attorney. Definitely, schedule a preliminary consultation to find and hire the best registered patent attorney Orange County California.

There are several important steps to find the best registered trademark and patent attorney Orange County CA. Start off by looking at registered, licensed, and well-reviewed professionals with the USPTO. Next, compare fees and expenses with a USPTO patent cost calculator. You should also try to work with a knowledgeable agent – who shares prior experience as a US Patent Office examiner. Throughout your search, don't get worried by physical location. After all, online patent attorneys can service you from any location. Once you've found someone you trust, it is time to schedule a preliminary consultation. Follow the points above to find the best registered trademark and patent attorney Orange County CA.

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